Proud Wolverine

This is what it looks like when a world-class university of nearly 45,000 students chooses to use a picture of the Only Black, Female, Aerospace Engineer to graduate during Winter Commencement in 2008.  Umich, you continue to make me proud! With love, BSE ’09, Rocket Scientist, Math Minor, Hong Kong Study Abroad, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., EnCore Multicultural Hip-Hop dance group, National Society of Black Engineers, and University of Michigan Lifetime Alumni Association Member. #GoBlue

Looking up to my family and friends in the stands

Source: University of Michigan

Celebrating Milestones: Tithing

I have officially passed my 6 month mark of consistently tithing!  Woohoo!  The Lord dared me to test Him in the verse below, so I did.  It works! 

“Test me in this…and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.  I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe.  Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land.” –Malachi 3:10-12


Many of us I (not you, of course) tried to pull the opposition approach of:

1. Does my tithe have to be money?  Can’t I just tithe my time or something else?  Okay, honestly many of us aren’t still farmers and raising livestock for a living.  We are instructed to give the “yield of your seed“.  Back then, it was their grain, wine, oil, and livestock.  Now, we earn paychecks!  Basically, the way that you are surviving and living is the yield = money.  Give your tithe with a pure heart and don’t differentiate between good or bad.

2. But, Tithing is only referenced in the Old Testament; I’m covered by the blood.  “All Scriputre is breathed out by God and profitable.”  Either you are a believer, or you aren’t.

3. Where did the “10% thing” come from? Every 10th animal… shall be holy to the Lord.  Kings would take a 10th of people’s things to give to his staff.  Abram gave God a 10th of everything when he was blessed.  Jacob promised God a full 10thof all that is given to him.

4. Do I really have to do the whole 10%?  Is that before or after taxes?  Can I stop giving offering since I’m starting to tithe?  *Nerd alert* The good thing about a percentage is that it affects us all the same.  If you make $10 and have to give up $1, is that any easier that making $1,000 and giving up $100?   Offerings, sacrifices, tithes, contributions, vow offerings, and freewill offerings are DIFFERENT things.  Tithes are already the Lord’s, offerings are what you have chosen to give in addition.

5. The church misuses money.  It’s not up to you to decide if it is misued, they are held accountable.  The church leaders must also tithe the tithes that are given.  Find a new place to tithe where you are learning and being fed the word of God.

6. When God gives me more money, then I’ll start tithing.  You can’t wait for that.  God says that when you tithe more, He will give you more, not the other way around.  **Super Nerd Alert** This is called a Material Conditional.   Check out this post on Tithing and the Material Conditional

 Enough of me trying to prove it’s the right thing, this is MY celebration!!  I chose to obey the word of God and I’m happy that I did!  Final thought from my bff “I’d rather obey God and be sitting with Him in heaven, than to disobey God and find out later that I should have.”

Success: NSBE Conference

Indianapolis hosted this year’s National Society of Black Engineers Region 4 Fall Regional Conference.  I was on the Conference Planning Committee as the Transportation Coordinator!  A few years ago, I was on the CPC as the Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinator.  I decided to become involved in the planning this year because it is in my “home” city.  I also knew this would be a great opportunity for my employer to directly participate.

There was some talk about planning tours for the conference, but never any set person to coordinate them.  When I first contacted HR, they were excited about it.  I went back to the CPC and told them the good news.  There was also thought of having a tour to the Children’s Museum, the Crispus Attucks Museum, and one on the campus of IUPUI.  At that point, I was in charge of organizing the transportation.  I handled my part and decided to go with Ms. Mickey at Cavello Bus Lines (they were great).

However, funding for the buses was a different story.  I was then put in charge of obtaining funding for the buses.  Since I was the direct point of contact between the tours and the payment, I was then appointed to being the Tour Coordinator!  After my roles were clearly defined, and buses were funded, the tours (company and IUPUI) were handled.  I still maintained direct contact with my company because there was also planning of a facility tour and a hospitality suite.  Those went very smoothly and I learned more about my job while hosting the tours and it was a lot of fun talking with the students.

The best part to me is helping others succeed.  The first night of the conference, I noticed a high school student standing alone in the hallway and I walked her into one of the PCI workshops on colleges.  She was a senior in high school and had still not applied to college.  She was really excited about an HBCU out of state, and showed no emotion about attending any of the colleges in-state, and so I did my best to encourage her.  There was another young lady that I met at the Career Fair that was getting really frustrated about not receiving an interview offer.  I took her aside and did a mock career fair with her and highlighted some items that she should talk about on her resume like her 3.8 GPA!  She ran up to me later that night and told me she had her interview and did well!

I just keep doing what I can to help others become successful and try to make it my personal mission to “Increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”


I’m back in my dorm after a weekend vacation to the Philippines.  It was a pretty nice trip.  However, the weather kind of forced us to change our plans in the middle of the day.  The first day, we just walked the beach with water coming up to our knees so we could have all day Saturday to lay in the sunshine and play in the water.  However, right as we lather on the sunscreen and open our door, it’s pouring rain.  So, we went to eat while we waited for it to stop.  Then, we realized that we didn’t want to waste a whole day waiting.  We end up taking a boat tour with this guy, Joe, that we had met the day before.


He was really cool and took us around the island of Boracay to a nice snorkeling spot.  I actually got in the water and it was so beautiful to see all of the fish down there.  And luckily (or not) Joe brought some bread out there with us.  We broke the bread up and hundreds of fish came up to us.  There was a point when he threw a whole piece of bread in there for me to break up, but before I could get it, all the fish were already on it.  So I tried to pick it up, and it felt like they were trying to eat my hand off!!  but I still have it, don’t worry.

Later that night, we ran into some American guys that we me at the airport on the way.  They requested that we have a ‘San Miguel’ beer (brewed in the Philippines) with them.  One of them is married to a lady from here and I guess they had another girl tagging along for his brother.  Unfortunately, we saw a lot of couples like that.  As we were eating at the delicious buffet, we saw what looked like a lady with a European man and her 16ish year old daughter for his brother.  It was really disgusting for me to see that.  I felt like I wanted to rescue her and just have her come hang out with us.


After we took the rocky ferry back from the island and an airplane to the mainland, we explored the city of Manila.  We spent a lot of time just observing the culture and the remainder of the time at a historical museum.  Right before our flight, we took these little jeep-buggys to the Mall of Asia, which was really huge.  It had an ice skating rink that snowed every 15 minutes or so.


It was a really nice trip and I’m glad that I went.  It was great to see a white sand beach, but I probably wouldn’t go back again.  There is still so much to see in the world and honestly I wasn’t too impressed.  However, if you are ever on this side of the world, it is definitely something to check out.

So my bro bro will be on his way to Korea in about 12 hours.  I will miss him mucho.  I thought about it, but not really that a week ago was the last time that I will see him in a year, maybe more.  I’m now in Arizona with my boyfriend that also interned with me this summer.  I’m visiting for three weeks so I’ll get a change to OD on him before I go to China.  Things are really good.  Of course, some days are better than others, but all in all, I’ve been having a really good time.

I’m still a little anxious about going to China.  Just because I keep having a feeling that I’m going to forget something.  Either a class, or some money, or work out a situation with a phone card.  But we’ll see.  That’s the latest.

first weekend

So this past weekend was my first one staying in this lovely city.  It’s really nice here, but if I had a car it would be better.  I think the landscape is so beautiful. 

We work on the 9/80 schedule where you work everyday for 9 hours and we get every other Friday off work.  Last week was a really short week because Memorial day was Monday and we got Friday off.  After work Thursday some of the young people went out to this restaurant for drinks.  It was cool and even better because the guy that owns this sector and the guy right under him paid for all of us!

After that, and a little rest, the three interns, NB, JM (yet to be introduced) and I all went swimming in the pool outside.  I had already established that this would be the summer that I learned to swim.  It was kind of late, but I got the basics down.  I stuck my head in that water and actually swam the width of the pool (10 ft max, lol) but I was really excited.

Friday (no work), we went out to eat breakfast and got dressed to swim again!  NB hung out with his local friend so it was just me and JM.  I was trying to learn to tread water and float.  Everytime I tried to float, whenever the water touched my chin I would freak out and sink cuz I didn’t want it in my nose or eyes cuz that isn’t pleasant.  JM had some goggles that also covered the nose so I used those so I would have nothing to fear.  They didn’t really help me float but it made me not be scared.  Alas, I did it without the goggles and that was the first time I have ever felt at peace with the water.  I was floating all over the place, from end to end.  The deep side is about 5 feet 🙂  I tried to swim again, but my legs just don’t like to go to the top of the water.  They just sink to the bottom so I abandoned that and went back to my trusty floating!

Saturday, we planned a trip to the beach!!  It only took about 20 minutes to get out there.   It was kind of breezy.  NB went out too far in the water during a riptide and the lifeguard (in red shorts) came off his post and it was really like Baywatch!  It end up letting up some and he wiggled his way back to land.

It was a lot of fun and water-filled weekend and I can ‘swim’!