School With Me So Amazing

In Celebration of RiRi’s Video Vanguard VMA Award and my first day of my graduate program, I decided to celebrate with a song to the tune of Rihanna’s “Sex With Me”.

MBA Orientation

Graduate Student Orientation

School with me
so AMazing

no HesiTation

Smiling hard
through OrienTation

Great first day
get EduCation

School with me
so AMazing

Guest Speaker kickoff

Syllabus Review
Team SeLection

Case Studies on deck
reading CompreHention

School with me
so AMazing

It’s 2016
much InnoVation

Group Meeting coming to
Panera StaTion

Next week Labor Day
already VaCation

School with me
so AMazing

Already brainstorming
my PresenTation

Diverse Cohort
lots of WoMen

…and a few Harvard things
I cannot MenTion

To my new family of classmates, faculty, and staff who are all original, relatable, and enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to growing and learning together!  Much love, Student

One thought on “School With Me So Amazing

  1. Excited for this new normal journey you are on! Know that you have my support! I have great expectations

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