Celebrating Milestones: Tithing

I have officially passed my 6 month mark of consistently tithing!  Woohoo!  The Lord dared me to test Him in the verse below, so I did.  It works! 

“Test me in this…and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.  I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe.  Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land.” –Malachi 3:10-12


Many of us I (not you, of course) tried to pull the opposition approach of:

1. Does my tithe have to be money?  Can’t I just tithe my time or something else?  Okay, honestly many of us aren’t still farmers and raising livestock for a living.  We are instructed to give the “yield of your seed“.  Back then, it was their grain, wine, oil, and livestock.  Now, we earn paychecks!  Basically, the way that you are surviving and living is the yield = money.  Give your tithe with a pure heart and don’t differentiate between good or bad.

2. But, Tithing is only referenced in the Old Testament; I’m covered by the blood.  “All Scriputre is breathed out by God and profitable.”  Either you are a believer, or you aren’t.

3. Where did the “10% thing” come from? Every 10th animal… shall be holy to the Lord.  Kings would take a 10th of people’s things to give to his staff.  Abram gave God a 10th of everything when he was blessed.  Jacob promised God a full 10thof all that is given to him.

4. Do I really have to do the whole 10%?  Is that before or after taxes?  Can I stop giving offering since I’m starting to tithe?  *Nerd alert* The good thing about a percentage is that it affects us all the same.  If you make $10 and have to give up $1, is that any easier that making $1,000 and giving up $100?   Offerings, sacrifices, tithes, contributions, vow offerings, and freewill offerings are DIFFERENT things.  Tithes are already the Lord’s, offerings are what you have chosen to give in addition.

5. The church misuses money.  It’s not up to you to decide if it is misued, they are held accountable.  The church leaders must also tithe the tithes that are given.  Find a new place to tithe where you are learning and being fed the word of God.

6. When God gives me more money, then I’ll start tithing.  You can’t wait for that.  God says that when you tithe more, He will give you more, not the other way around.  **Super Nerd Alert** This is called a Material Conditional.   Check out this post on Tithing and the Material Conditional

 Enough of me trying to prove it’s the right thing, this is MY celebration!!  I chose to obey the word of God and I’m happy that I did!  Final thought from my bff “I’d rather obey God and be sitting with Him in heaven, than to disobey God and find out later that I should have.”

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Milestones: Tithing

  1. 1 – Malachi 3:7 (KJV) “Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ORDINANCES, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?”

    The Israelites were not following the ORDINANCES for tithes and offerings as commanded by God.

    What are those ORDINANCES? They are found in Numbers 18 where God commanded the tithe be taken TO THE LEVITES. Do YOU follow those ORDINANCES?

    2 – Colossians 2:14 (KJV) “Blotting out the handwriting of ORDINANCES that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;”

    Those ORDINANCES were nailed to the cross.

    According to Leviticus 27:30-33 the tithe came from GOD’S INCREASE of crops and animals, NOT from the income the Israelites got from selling their crops and animals. They got MONEY for selling their crops and animals as proved in Deut. 14:22-27. Abraham was rich in money (gold and silver). The tithe could NOT be paid with money while the Temple Tax (tribute in KJV) HAD to be paid with money, so they obviously had money.

    You don’t understand the Biblical tithe.

    When God gave the Israelites the promised land, he RESERVED, for Himself, a tenth of the crops and every tenth animal. They NEVER did belong to the Israelites. In other words, the tithe was from God’s increase of FOOD, not from man’s income. It was a way to distribute FOOD to the Levites and priests who did NOT inherit any land.

    No one, not even the farmers, tithed on their income.

    The farmers made their income by SELLING and/or barter-exchanging their crops and animals but did NOT tithe on that income.

    Today, ALL born-again believers are priests. ALL of us are called to be deciples of the Lord. No one of us is higher than another. Our bodies are the Temple where the Spirit dwells. According to the scriptures, priests do not tithe.

  2. Every tithe shown in the Bible was paid on the NET and never on the GROSS.

    Abram’s tithe to Melchizedek was paid on the NET, after taking out the food his men had eaten.

    The Israelite farmers tithed on the NET crops after taking out the crops they were not allowed to harvest (around the edges and corners) and the gleanings, and after subtracting out the firstfruits which were commanded to be taken to the priests, not the Levites.

    The Israelite herdsmen tithed on the NET increase in animals. They had to remove the firstlings before taking the tenth as the firstlings were required to be taken to the festivals.

    You aren’t following even ONE tithing scripture. If you think you are, quote the scripture you follow.

  3. I believe the concept of God and his greatness surpasses all human understanding. God was around a long time before he allowed man to invent the system. In addition, it seems that you have to use math to relate to God and faith. Have you thought about accepting what is not seen and God’s word by faith?


  4. Thanks Gary I really appreciate your response. It’s quite unexpected in the manner which you debunk my debunkings, lol. I believe that could go back and forth and be quite exhausting. I’ve gone on your site and there is some very interesting commentary. Even if it’s not what you have described as the “Biblical Tithe”, it is not out of scope with making a difference with the upkeep of a place that is following God. It shows that a great deal has been put into refuting tithing. Continue to not tithe if you wish, and I will continue receiving my blessings. I’m excited and happy about my decision and will continue celebrating it!

  5. Thanks Mike aka Quedaddy aka Ana,
    This post was initiated by belief/acceptance and included insight from what I have learned in school. God was indeed around a long time before man, and he was also around when he allowed man to “invent the system”; it was God that created the system. I appreciate you being such an avid fan of my blog!

  6. Thanks for responding to my comments, Jasmine.

    In your blog you say, “I chose to obey the word of God and I’m happy that I did!”

    Fact is, you haven’t obeyed even ONE of God’s many tithing commands. Not even one. If you think you have, please quote the scripture you have obeyed.

    If you really study Malachi 3 in depth you will find that the blessing referred to is RAIN. Yes, rain. Nothing else. The curse was locust – the insects would destroy (devour) the crops.

    Being Spirit led, I find myself giving far more than a mere tenth of my income. I give because I want to give. I have already been blessed. I don’t give to get blessed. You can’t buy blessings from God.

    You are a victim of the false tithing doctrine that church leaders in the US invented in 1870. Giving is good, and I would never ask or recommend anyone to stop giving if they can afford it. But to think that God blesses because of tithes is to totally misunderstand the scriptures.

    Unfortunately, too many pastors lack faith that God will provide the funding for His Church and therefore resort to taking scripture out of context to convince their members that God requires or expects them to tithe. Such pastors will be judged accordingly. I, myself, stay as far away from such false teachers as I can, except when I am in a discussion with them on this topic. It breaks my heart and upsets me bigtime when a pastor I had respected admits to me that he knows his teaching is false, but that if he doesn’t teach it the way he does, people just won’t give. VERY SAD INDEED. The pastor thinks he must lie in order to get enough funding for the church and justifies it by saying he is bringing people to the Lord.

    The problem with debating this topic is that the victim seldom figures out that he is, in fact, a victim. The victim, instead, thinks he is a beneficiary of blessings. God can and will bless whoever he wants and for what ever reason he wants. God does know your heart, so he knows you are trying to do the right thing.

    May God Bless you, and may He open your eyes to His truth.

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