Xbox Kinect and Its Friends


Friday, we had a game night with my ‘twin’ Philip and my girls Aja and Courtney.  Philip has every single video game system and every component for them all.  He even has the Playstation Move, which I never heard of <but that’s not saying much because I didn’t hear about Xbox Kinect until he told me>.

The Move didn’t seem too different from the concept of the Wii, but of course according to them, it shalt not compare.  The Move just seems to require a lot more precision the the Wii, which really depends on the user if you like that or not.  It had a really cool archery game on the Sports Champions game.  We also had a BLAST with Def Jam Rap Star, which really does have it’s own online community.  The video below describes the exact experience, although you may not quickly grab you a honey dip just cuz you think you rap well on the game.  Of course, the game blanks out all of the “non-PC” curse words, but surprisingly, you get extra points if you actually say the words where they are supposed to go.  Kanye’s Gold Digger was a personal fav!  They also play the entire video for all of the songs while you rap.

We spent about 4 straight hours playing the Kinect!  The system even reminded us that we may need to take a break lol.  I can honestly say Dance Central is the best game EVER invented!  They do indeed have ethnic songs like “Push It“, the old Rihanna “Pon da Replay“, the Delta theme “Drop It Like It’s Hot“, and a classic ethnic favorite “Poison“!  My favorites to watch were Corbin cranking that Soulja Boy, and Courtney and Aja battling it out to “Dip It Low” <–the choreographer KILLS it on this link.

We played Kinect Adventures just to get warmed up, but it wasn’t anything too fantastic.  We also played Fighters Uncaged, but we got bored doing the training before they put you in a real fight.  It was extra tiring and all 5 of us had to rotate shifts just to get through it.  We tried to set up Motion Sports to do football, but it took too long just trying to recognize Philip’s face in the dim light.  That game got the quick eject and back to Dance Central.  That was the only downside other than its ability to get hacked to use the motion technology on your computer or other systems. 

DJ Hero will always have a special place in my heart, but Dance Central is THE ONE.

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