I’m Back

So, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back in action!!  (I’m surprised I still know my password, lol)

I really got the inspiration to come back by my coworker, Eric, wanting to learn more about me with his never-ending questions; and my line sister Monique.  Her blog is really good and since I don’t get to talk to her as often as I would like, I feel that I get a sneak peak into her life 🙂

Currently, I’m working in Indianapolis, IN with a military defense company being a Logistics Specialist.  It’s really cool to know that what I do helps others in the military and thus is helping our country.  We have the typical ‘cubefarm’ setting, but it leads to interesting convo, or some good drama-filled eavesdropping!!

I have a great boyfriend, Corbin.  He’s in graduate school back at home.  It’s been working pretty well with the relatively close distance.  He came down this past weekend and we did the Indy Canal Walk and the Indy 500 Bump Day.  Saturday was perfect weather for the canal walk with him and my 14 week old/3 month old puppy, Cooli O.  Sunday was a REALLY hot and humid 88 degrees.  We stayed for a while and would run in and out of our air-conditioned pavillion.

My family is really good back at home.  My brother is doing really great work as a photographer.  My parents are usually doing their retired thing of activities with AKA’s or the Mason’s.  I love going home to visit, but I’m glad I’m grown and out of the house doing things on my own.

 I’m going to the Maxwell/Jill Scott concert tonight, eek!  But I don’t really know either of them all that well, but I’m sure it’ll be a good time.  In another post, I’ll have to update on the past year and my natural hair!!

Cooli and I

I’m done, already

So why does my whole department think that when I say I have ‘two weeks left’ they think it means I have two working weeks left.  Come on people no one ever does stuff their last week.  If I weren’t an intern I probably would have had oodles and oodles of vacation time to take.  And you know when people take it?  The last week of work.  I still have to find the most concise and direct way to say that I’m going on the Price is Right next week and I’m gonna win tons-o-money or even ‘a neeeeww carrrr’.  I guess I don’t really need a new car though.  That’s the thing, why do places always give you free upgrades and whatnot, exactly when you don’t need them?  For example, when the phone company gives you a free upgrade every two years.  About one year into it, I decided to upgrade my phone to the beta version (with bluetooth!) .  Then, the two year mark rolls around and my daddy being fast decides to get the ‘free upgrade’ (which in itself is an oxymoron; the free one is always suckier than the one you have).  So, he gets that and about 2 months later my beta version is broken (internally, so not my fault) and I wanna get rid of it to get a new fancy phone with a keyboard.  But noooooo sucky phone has replaced offsetting like half the price of the upgrade.  Now I’m stuck with a refurbished beta 🙁  Anyway, bottom line, I’m not supposed to do work next week so stop giving me new projects as this week comes to a close!  (kind of too long of a sentence to put an exclamation, where would the emphasis go?  it’s kinda hard to build up the volume and intensity when it’s a full sentence)

the work race

So, I thought this one would be better, well at least different, but it’s really all the same.  I have started work and it begins just like all the other internships.  Me asking myself ‘self, can I really do this for 3 whole months?’  It seems like so long, but from past experience, it’s over before I realize it.  The thing that always gets me through is meeting people that look like me (under 25 and of color).  I’m definitely not racist, but it’s just something about the bond that we have with each other that makes the experience so much better.  Pardon me as I bring in my (most expensive at the university) engineering mind.  I will mix that with an American Culture class that I had.  One segment was on discrimination.  It talked about how it is not always the whites discriminating, but the minorities sticking together and not wanting to mix with the whites.  Being one of the few minorities in the class, I could definitely relate.  We never discussed the ‘real’, ‘educational’, ‘psycological’ reason why that happened, but just talked about the connection from history, childhood, and present experiences.
I’m still wondering why there is no one that looks like me, that works with me.  Is it really the lack of drive or tenacity, or is it the lack of opportunity.  Whatever the reason, please pop up or come in with the next wave of interns next week!

The first of 90

I got to San Diego yesterday morning around 10am. After waiting like an hour in 90 degree weather for the shuttle, I finally got to my hotel.  They couldn’t find my name. Put me up in this one place. Then found ‘my name’ spelled wrong and moved all of my stuff. There was one casualty to the move. My bright pink nail polish broke and spilled all over my nice white shoes 🙁 It made me really sad because I had to force pairs of shoes into my suitcase so I could have either left those and had more room or just brought some different shoes! but I digress.

Today was pretty cool. Woke up at 5:30 this morning, but I slept A LOT all day yesterday and my body is still on Eastern time. So it was kinda 8:30am. Caught the shuttle to work. That was cool, met Ed or Ted? of the front desk.

Had hours and hours of orientation. I’m so glad that I wasn’t sleepy today. There, I met my new buddy (NB). Went to lunch in the caf. More training, got my badge, then had a tour.

Came home from work, went to the grocery store with NB. Got some breakfast food, cereal, ramen, you know all the basic food groups.

Then, we met with NB’s friend. He was really cool. Went to In ‘n Out Burger for the first time ever. It was really good and I don’t even like fast food too much.

Now back in the room chillin. About to get ready for bed soon. Catching up with friends over the phone.