Born Again Orchid

On this first day of Spring, I was waken up to the most beautiful surprise.  My orchid baby bloomed!

This is significant to me in so many ways:

  1. I love plant life, and so does my entire family.  This was yet another plant that brought me even closer to my family, and of course I got instantly homesick.
  2. This orchid was given to me as a housewarming gift by my current housemate a year before we even had a discussion about us living together.
  3. This orchid took nearly two years for the second generation to bloom since I pruned her.  Just because the one stem turns brown, the leaves and roots continue to hold the life.  It helps me stay grounded, literally.
  4. Although I wasn’t there when she was first born, I was there when she was born again.  This is a symbol of all of the new starts I have done this year after pruning out so many extra activities and people.  I know my life is moving in the right direction.

God continues to lead me, and continues to give me confirmation along the way!

Theme of the Month: Adulting


10 Tips to Nail this thing called ‘Adulting’

  1. Do a solo vacation more than 2 hours from any associate.
  2. Ask a friend to name one area where you can improve communication, and do it.
  3. Acknowledge and financially recognize assistance.
  4. Honor Your Commitments, but communicate to reschedule if necessary.
  5. Choose Priority 1 commitments over pleasure, even if you have put down money.
  6. Read a book cover to cover, soon – articles, magazines, and this blog don’t count.
  7. Alter your priorities to follow your Budget, which I know you’ve created.
  8. Delay gratification and sacrifice something for 30 days.
  9. Set a time limit for television, and do something productive each day.
  10. Exercise empathy and attempt to remedy others’ hurt.