What it be like? Summer’13

Boy, how the summer has flown by.  Some new things, some old thangs.


1. I moved into a new apartment!  I love it even more than my first one.  It’s a 2 bedroom… any visitors?!

2. I’ve passed the 1 year mark of living in San Diego.  Now all of the things are repeating themselves from when I first moved here.  Such as: FOOTBALL, church anniversary, pumpkin spice latte.

3. I’ve been to over 5 doctors in the past couple of months.  Ever since I had the flu in January, there have been a couple lingering things.  Nothing contagious, finished antibiotics, just some pain and stuff going on a daily basis.

4. I did a org-purge.  Like just went cold turkey on all of my organizations I was in.  God is still working with me on over-commitments.

5. Dating a Navy Man!  I’m learning something new everyday, which is awesome.

6. Had a 1 year luncheon with my team and my performance appraisal with my boss, both went great.  I still love my job!  And they love me, about 15 people came to my lunch 🙂

1 year luncheon

7.  I’ve gone to the beach a lot less, but been going to the pool a lot more due to pool parties and summer activities.

8.  I am getting so bored with my hair and decided to loc it up during the first part of next year.

9. I’ve done the 5K’s that I mentioned in the Spring’13 post.  I have at least 2 more to do this year.  I think this will just be a 5K year.  Maybe next year for the 10K and dare I say half marathon?!

10. I am on the cover of a book!! Beat that.

Two Way Mirrors by Just Jewel

That’s my life updates for those who care and I just haven’t spoken to in a while.  Also, it’s there for those don’t care… cuz you read to the bottom, so actually you do care!  Smooches.

Blandysauce Weekend

The weekend was extra bland this time #fooledme.  The highlights of the weekend were going to church, doing my hair, and getting my cable wire fixed.  Yay O_o womp.

Since I’ve moved to Indy, I’ve gone to a total of 5 different churches: Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Eastern Star Church-Main Campus, Eastern Star Church-Northeast Campus, Phillips Temple CME Church,  and St. Luke Baptist Church.  Eastern Star is the mega church of Indy that is working on its 4th location.  And the pastor goes to all 3– 8:30am at Main Campus, 9:30am at Northeast, 10:45am at Northwest, and back to the Main Campus for noon service.  I have no clue how he does it all, but it just seems pretty ridiculous to me.  He just pops in for the sermon and dips out right after to head to the next location.  One of my girls, a native Hoosier was brought up in Phillips Temple.  It was my first time going to a CME church.  Nothing was too different from normal, I just didn’t feel like I belonged there.  Emmanuel is the first church I went to out here and has stuck as my favorite.  Initially, my coworker invited me to tutor after work with her and then I was convinced to stay for bible study, and then I was invited to come to Sunday service.  I really enjoy the pastor and the casual vibe, but they are on their job of helping the community.  They even started a partnership with NASA and I’m all for it!  Yesterday, I was intending to go to EMBC and when I get there at 10:30am, nobody was in the parking lot <I figured they went to another location or were having a special service> so I went right down the street to Eastern Star to find out they didn’t start service until noon.  Between the two is St. Luke Baptist Church that had a marquee to celebrate the 27th pastoral anniversary.  I knew this meant  a long service, but it started at 10 so I parked and went in.  Of course, I was right and they had a guest preacher so I had to dip out when they were giving more gifts to the pastor and first lady.  I may come back another Sunday to hear the preacher, who can allegedly sang very well.

Also, this weekend I spent all day Saturday doing my hair in a full sew-in weave.  I’ve never worn my hair this long, but I wanted a different look.  It took the most time to do the closure so that it looked somewhat real.  I combined a regular closure method with a sew-in invisible part method because I am not for glue in my hair.  It took extremely long to close the weave and make it look okay.  I took it down 3 times before it was tolerable.  I may take it down and redo it one last time before the weekend.  It really just take practice.

During this hair stuff, I had to track down the cable man to freggin fix my cable cord that Cooli O. just decided to eat one day.  That same day, he ate my window blinds, and eyeglasses.  I found the lens on the ground and he found my hand on his rump!  The cable would go out whenever anybody would go by the cord, which is right next to the door.  And it also affected the internet.  Good thing I had some dvds on deck that I needed to watch.  I watched Following (by the writer of Inception), The Final Cut with Robin Williams, Adaptation with Nicolas Cage and School Daze A Spike Lee Joint that was spoofed by Alicia Keys.  Oh yeah, Friday I also went back to Morty’s and saw the comedian Mike Britt.  I really love it when comedians can freestyle based on the audience like he did.  All in all, it was a pretty bland weekend, but I made it sound somewhat fun, huh?

Random Link of the Day: Download my boy’s CD for free!

One Year Since Graduation


To be clear, it has been 1 year today August 18, 2009 that I officially graduated from the University of Michigan.  I walked across the stage December 14, 2008.  I knew that I was going to study abroad in Hong Kong for my final semester and knew that I would not being back for the Spring graduation.  Upon returning, I took one final math class that summer to complete my Aerospace Engineering degree and minor in Mathematics.  It also gave enough time for HKUST to transfer my credits back and put them on my transcript.

When I was first thinking about this blog I was a little nervous because it almost seemed like I haven’t done much in a year.  Most of it was composed of moving to Indianapolis, which is a big feat in itself since I didn’t know ANYONE here.  But I’ve done that before with living in Cincinnati OH, Greenville SC, San Diego CA, and Hong Kong, but it is definitely scary at first and I always have a taste of regret during the first week.

One huge thing that I am happy about is that my 2 best friends are STILL my 2 best friends!  We frequently communicate with each other although we all live in different locations.  I also must say that I have made 23 look graceful ::pats self on back::  I still love to change up my hairstyles.  This was shown by me doing my big chop right before my last final exam!  I never thought that I’d go natural, but moving away from your hairdresser is a good incentive.

Being in a relationship, I sacrificed a lot of myself and that has taught me the biggest lesson of the year: Do not lose sight of myself and my gifts.  I have found a church that I enjoy, and God aligned it so that I can tutor there.  The kids are all really great and range from about 4 years old to seniors in high school.  I think I was put on this earth to share my blessing of understanding math to anyone that finds it difficult and frustrating.  I plan to continue doing this, but possibly on a larger scale in the future.  I still dance and even made it to the semi-finals to be an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.  Of course, I can’t forget about Cooli.  He gives me reason to enjoy going home everyday and it has been a great decision to be a mommy of a puppy. 🙂


I’ve also done two things that I’ve always wanted to do: Walk in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk, and go to New York City!  I have wanted to do the breast cancer walk since I was in college in honor of my mother who test after test finds benign cists.  It scares us every time and I can imagine how many have gone through the same experience ending with a different result.  New York was even more than I have ever imagined.  I love it, but I could never live there.  Over this next year, I plan to continue my mental growth by learning Spanish and taking Yoga.  I am also become more conservative with my body in regards to nutrition.  My long term goal is to compete in a half-marathon! Wish me luck 😀

Random Link of the Day: You aren’t a real model

My Natural Hair Anniversary!

So as promised, over a year ago, I decided to go natural!  It has been the best hair decision ever!  I have loved every bit of it.  I continue to wear my hair in a variety of styles, but it is great to know that there is no more damaged stringy something or others under it all.  My plan is to go through every hair style that I can.  I’ve done braids, twists, weaves, wigs, wretched perm, curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair (don’t care).  Two more styles that I still plan to do are the super low fade/ taper (I still don’t know the difference for real) and dreadlocks!  I’m really excited for the locs because that will be a style I will keep for years.  I’m just waiting to see the potential of my loose natural hair and seeing how low it can go. Luda

My “nappiversary” is today July 12, 2010!!  One year prior, I had finally did the big chop and my main inspiration Monique cut off all my damaged, permed-straight ends when I visited her for the Philly Greek Picnic.  I had been growing out my hair (as promised) the entire time I was in Hong Kong–2 months in a sew-in weave, and 2 months in braids.  When I got back to the States in June, I re-braided my hair one last time (and it looked really bad).  I then finally saw my hair  and did a curly wet set for my trip to Philly.  The first day was cute, then it began to fade especially during my delicious slumber on the airplane.  I was already frustrated with the look and it was only day 1 of a 4 day trip.  I had decided at that point, the BC was going down that weekend.  Mo had the idea of giving me a frohawk with my curls.  It came out good for going out that first night, but it wasn’t going to work for normal daytime.  So it was back to my favorite, and only, wig at the time Brandi, who is always a crowd-pleaser.  The day before I left Philly, Mo reluctantly cut it piece by piece until I was done!!  I washed it again and slapped a little Kinky Curly Curling Custard that Mo had lying around and this is how it came out…

At first, I wasn’t so sure that I made the best aesthetic decision, but I knew it was best for my hair and me.  Now, my hair is full, and healthy and already to the bottom of my neck (in the back).  In a year, my hair is already longer than my hair has ever been during the 12 years that I was relaxed.  At times, I wish my hair had looser curls, but I realized people with that hair texture wish they had tight coils like mine.  So, I’ve just learned to be satisfied and happy with what I have and embrace my diversity of styles.  I have learned how to care for my hair and do all of the styles with mostly the help of youtube.com (Keyword: Natural Hair Journey).  A few of them are shown below…