Jazzy vs. Food

Recently, I stopped eating RED MEAT and PORK for about a month.  These are my lessons learned…

1. I love me some hot dogs!  Still my favorite food to date.

2. Barbecues happen during the summer.  Red meat is typically barbecued.  I couldn’t have any.

3. Grilled black bean burgers were surprisingly good.  However, they still don’t taste like real ones, no matter what they tell you.

4. It’s almost easier to be a full vegetarian instead of denying yourself certain meats.

5. Bacon IS in broccoli salad.  Don’t be bamboozled.

6. Only do this if you don’t mind losing your appetite for bacon.  Including bacon bits.  I don’t even order it anymore.

7. My bod stayed slim with little to no cardio.  But I gotta start weight training and lifting again.  (Let me know if you need tickets to the gun show)

Still smiling and full tummy during pool party.

8. I feel like my sodium level went up because I have to season the life into some turkey meat.

9. I would do it again.  Maybe go strictly veggie, and work back in chicken, fish, turkey.

10. Again, I love hot dogs.  My first cheat after a month was the Pretzel dogs from Dave and Busters.  MEATY beef hot dogs, gently browned pretzel with a delicate hint o garlic, with a spicy mustard that I have to dilute with heavenly tart yellow mustard.



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