Taupe Suede Livin

Who says water and suede don't mix?!

I only shop online.  It’s just easier, you know what sizes they have and you get to see the entire selection instead of what was leftover from the crazy Saturday shoppers.  After my root canal :/ I went to a new mall very quickly and picked up 2 pairs of shoes from DSW.  I found the peep-toe heels on the clearance rack for 30% off.  I’ve been looking for taupe/neutral boots to replace my casual, mid-calf, no heel ones and these were perfect!  Only one problem, they didn’t have them in my size.  Just when I was about to shrug it off and go to my usual online tactics, the sales lady walked by and told me they could order them online with free shipping.  This was my first experience online shopping in the store, oxymoron?  Everything went really well and they arrived at my door in less than a week!
After learning how to care for my shoes, all that’s left is getting some suede protectant spray before I actually wear them outside.  With the tips above, I hope they last forever!  I’ve been liking this pattern so much that I even got a matching doggie 😀

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