I’m not single, again

Okay, okay.  There has been a little confusion and lots of questions about the first line of this blog [I’m single again, doosh.] compared to my recent ones.  I was never really single.  Corbin and I did need to take a little break away from each other to figure out a couple things.  We really worked on not bringing negative things from our past into our present relationship.  I never stopped thinking about him and read numerous sites trying to deal with it.  However, it never quite felt like a break up.  My favorite site (and the guiding tool for life) is Wikihow where I looked up How to Get Over a Break Up.

I tried all of these tips on different levels, but I wasn’t happy. I did a really good job with 3. Keep your space and 6. Talk to your friends.  I talked to friends that were angry, friends that were concerned, friends that liked him, and friends that just listened.  Many things have changed since those convos and I trust that I have made a great decision.  Now comes when I need friends to support.  I am happier than I have ever been and excited for the new life to come!

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