B.O.B. and friend’s funeral

Last weekend started great with me meeting up with a friend back at home and us going to the free concert in Amnesia at Motor City Casino.  The headliner was B.O.B. for the Rising Icons 2 Tour on BET.  We had a fantastic time after a little foolishness of people taking their jobs way too seriously.  Playboy Tre opened up for him and then came back on their track together I Bet I Bust.  It was an ATL dirty road good time with good music!  We danced a little bit more after the performances and walked around the casino floor before heading home.

Saturday was the funeral for my good friend Sanuwell Landrum.  He was a great person that had a passion for educating and preventing HIV.  He was in the process of founding S.O.S Stomping out STDs and had done a few keynote speeches around the city.  There were plenty of tears that day, but we all know that he is in a better place.  The best quote from his service was “Learn like you will live forever, and Live like you will die tomorrow”.  It was an opportunity for a lot of my homies to get together and reconnect.  We all decided that we need to get together more outside of Holidays, Weddings, and Funerals.  From Sam, I learned that you have to leave a legacy here while you can because tomorrow is not always promised.  This was also a factor in me actively pursuing my bIg plan.

Random Link of the Day: Zombies (coincidentally, I picked this link a few days ago for my next post; weird huh?)

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