My girls are the best!

2 things

1. I’m single again, doosh.

2. I love my friends.

I have a couple blog posts that I’m working on, but this one is specifically for those that I love for many-a reasons, but the main ones are:

They always share their feelings for me, but don’t share their opinions.  This is my favorite.  They let me know how much they love seeing me happy and want everything around me to encourage that.  However, they never put anyone down or talked me out of what I thought was right.

They are always standing with open arms even after I leave them stranded.  I can not talk to them for months, but as long as the number hasn’t changed I can always call when I’m ready.

I can do everything that I love doing with them.  Dancing, Sports, Laughing, Travelling, People-watching and Game Shows make me feel the happiest.

They don’t just support me, they encourage me.  It would be kind of awful for someone to agree with everything that I said.  Instead of only supporting me and my beliefs, they urge me to take my dreams to the next level.

We get down on the dance floor!  I’m so glad that all of my friends have rhythm and get jiggy with me.  It can be from ballrooming, to stepping, to 1-2 stepping, to the windows, to the wall.

I love you all and appreciate each day for all that you ladies have done to encourage me to get through this.

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7 thoughts on “My girls are the best!

  1. Love you girl! Glad you have found peace, learned and are moving on to the next one #JayZ :p But seriously, everything is a lesson, just know how much your worth and that we always have your back 😉

  2. First of all, I love you mama!! Second of all, we all just want you to be happy and healthy, ALWAYS.

  3. Love you girl! We will be there for you all day every day! We want you to have the very best in life and to be happy and at peace!

    I did shed a tear, a happy one though!

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