Cooli’s Swimming Lessons

My adorable little boy is about to turn six months old!  I can’t believe it.  He is so much bigger and acting all grown.  But, all that changed when I took him swimming.  He’s been around a pool once before, but didn’t get in.  He just got comfortable with the bathtub.  I’ve taken him to the pool of my apartment complex the last two days and he is really not a fan of it.  I can understand though, because I used to freak out just like that before I became a fish last year in Hong Kong 😉  So he was holding on for me for dear life!! and climbing up to the top of my shoulder.  He actually semi-calmed down here.

Finally, he actually started swimming, but it was really just to get to the edge of the pool so he could hop out as soon as possible.  I let him take a couple of breaks and walk around the deck.  The first day he went terrorizing some little kids.  He was scared and thought they were trying to pull him back in and they were just plain-ol scared of him.  I had to grab both of the kids and hold them away from the ledge.  It was hilarious though!

For some reason, swimming gives him all of this extra energy and he loves to run laps around the house after.  He’s so cute and probably hates me for making him swim, but he’ll be extra jealous when all of his bdff [best doggie friends forever] are all doing laps in the pool without him.

Random Link of The Day: The 14th Amendment about being born in US = Citizen

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