I’ve been going on this like 7-day depression<–>euphoric cycle.  It has been awful.  I realized that Coke and other caffeinated drinks taste good, but make me crash like crazy.  It puts me in like a time warp where I am just dazed for a good 5 minute stretch.  That also happens during my 4 hour drives home, which is definitely not a good thing.  Also, I stopped taking my allergy pills because they make my patience quite thin thus making me quite mean to other people.

All that aside, I just haven’t been feeling the best.  My boyfriend and I keep going through crazy good<–>bad cycles and it would be great if we just went back to the constant good we had.  Being at work for 9 hours gets me a little bummed at different times.  There has also been some drama there (on more than one occasion) where people just don’t have the ability to have personal conversations with others.  If I’m doing something out of the ordinary, tell me, not others.   I’ve been feeling the need for a good cry, but just haven’t given myself the opportunity.  The up-swing of things happened when I just talked to my girls on the phone or hung out with them.  They make me laugh and they are very motivational to themselves and with me.

Something has got to change.  I plan to start reading a lot more!  I have to read one book for work.  My friend has referred The Five Love Languages.  I also plan to read my bible or have a good old-fashioned on the knee prayer time.  I think I might actually unplug my TV so I can just focus and think about me.  I’ll give updates, wish me luck!

One thought on “Sadface

  1. it is not so bad. take a few moments away from movement. good times don’t last forever and all of the time. you have to make times good. i especially like it when you say you will read the Bible. you will find your answers there if you slow down, read, and digest the content of the words.
    i have a problem with the caffeine also. once i realize what the problem was i turned it a loose. i stopped drinking coffee and to satisfy my habit for that moment of solace i replaced it with green tea and all is well.
    always remember, you have a family who loves you. a mom who is in constant contact, a brother who will be there when you need him, and of course, a dad who loves you more than ever. since the day i first saw you enter this world. and God who is always with you in your time of need…………….keep your H E A D – u p

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