As you know, I have a puppy Cooli O..  He’s 14 weeks old and just had his big boy “Dog Package” shots 2 days ago.  So now he is good for the next year.  Along with his shots, he got his first nail trim (praise) because those nails were sharp!  I was trying to wait until he had all of his shots before I just took him to the groomer where there are a bunch of nasties floating around.  He was really good the whole time we were in the store and he was WAAAY too friendly with EVERYONE, but I guess that’s a good and bad thing.

I got him at 9 weeks old from a breeder in Angola, IN about 2 hours north of Indy.  They were really nice and have been breeding for years and were really professional.  This little boy was really bad on the way back and just wanted to walk around the whole car and cry because he didn’t know where he was, or where he was going.  That was the Longest 2 hour ride until he fell asleep at my feet for about the last 45 minutes.

Day 1: I tried to make him sleep in his crate after reading multiple blogs and tips online, but he was not having it.  I ended up letting him sleep with me and he loved that, and would even put his little head on the pillow with me.

Day 2: We had to quit that and that was when i started to realize that he would cry/whine himself to sleep for about 20 minutes +/- 5.

Week 1: We just played a lot and I kept trying to clicker train him and just get him used to the place.  He peed everywhere!  There are set times that you should take them out to pee, but he took naps so frequently that it became inconvenient.  Luckily, he was already good on doing #2 in the grass and not in the house.

Week 2: Corbin came down and they hung out during the day with some training.  Corbin was not a fan of waking up in the middle of the night.  Well actually, he didn’t wake up at all until I started nudging him!  It was also his first bath and first trip to the doctor (6 lbs).  He tried jumping out of the tub a lot and looked so cute and skinny, lol.

Weekend 2: I went home and my parents met Cooli as a surprise.  My brother took care of him during the night and Early morning trips outside.  My parents ended up really liking him.

Week 3: He’s improving in the house-training and I stopped going home to check on him during lunch.  At first he would go on his pee-pads, but then would hold it until I got home.  He would also ‘sit’ on command and ‘stay’ at the door before I would let him back inside.

Week 4: He like to bite and gnaw at anything!  My shag rug is his favorite, but he loves hands and pants too.  I had to start popping him to let him know that I was in control.  He usually sleeps through the night.

Week 5: Second doctor’s visit (9 lbs) to get shots and nails groomed.  He hated the feeling of the PediPaws so they just clipped them.  I guess I don’t take him outside enough, but he doesn’t really bark to let me know he needs to go out.  We’ve had 2 poop accidents inside.  He also started humping my leg, ehh 🙁

I’m taking him back home on the road again and might send him to a daycare or boarding place.  My baby is really growing up!!

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