first weekend

So this past weekend was my first one staying in this lovely city.  It’s really nice here, but if I had a car it would be better.  I think the landscape is so beautiful. 

We work on the 9/80 schedule where you work everyday for 9 hours and we get every other Friday off work.  Last week was a really short week because Memorial day was Monday and we got Friday off.  After work Thursday some of the young people went out to this restaurant for drinks.  It was cool and even better because the guy that owns this sector and the guy right under him paid for all of us!

After that, and a little rest, the three interns, NB, JM (yet to be introduced) and I all went swimming in the pool outside.  I had already established that this would be the summer that I learned to swim.  It was kind of late, but I got the basics down.  I stuck my head in that water and actually swam the width of the pool (10 ft max, lol) but I was really excited.

Friday (no work), we went out to eat breakfast and got dressed to swim again!  NB hung out with his local friend so it was just me and JM.  I was trying to learn to tread water and float.  Everytime I tried to float, whenever the water touched my chin I would freak out and sink cuz I didn’t want it in my nose or eyes cuz that isn’t pleasant.  JM had some goggles that also covered the nose so I used those so I would have nothing to fear.  They didn’t really help me float but it made me not be scared.  Alas, I did it without the goggles and that was the first time I have ever felt at peace with the water.  I was floating all over the place, from end to end.  The deep side is about 5 feet 🙂  I tried to swim again, but my legs just don’t like to go to the top of the water.  They just sink to the bottom so I abandoned that and went back to my trusty floating!

Saturday, we planned a trip to the beach!!  It only took about 20 minutes to get out there.   It was kind of breezy.  NB went out too far in the water during a riptide and the lifeguard (in red shorts) came off his post and it was really like Baywatch!  It end up letting up some and he wiggled his way back to land.

It was a lot of fun and water-filled weekend and I can ‘swim’!

2 thoughts on “first weekend

  1. Swimming huh? Is that a “since I’m going out by the water, I might as well learn to live in it” type deal or was it something you always wanted to do?

    Remember we used to take those swimming classes when we were kiddies? I used to hate them. I was so scared of water back then. Now I LOVE the water but still don’t know how to swim 🙁

  2. I always wanted to do it. I was looking into places last summer but they ended after I left or started before I cam back so I couldn’t do it.

    I never took swimming lessons when we were kiddies. I was always there just watching you freak out. Naw, I don’t even remember, but there are pics of u in the water and i’m in the bleachers. I only remember taking 1 class and I was only there for 1 day. I still don’t like putting my head under. And the whole water contacting my eyes and nose, I can’t deal.

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